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testimonial background

"It was an amazing experience, I loved the way they do everything. It is so well organized and put together. This is a great learning curve for people with zero to no experience. I loved the course, overall it was the best experience I've had learning since I was a child. I would strongly recommend taking the courses offered by RTSC. It's free, they pay you and pay for all the certifications required for your job placement at the end. I rate the experience at RTSC 10/10."

Darcy D Commercial Concrete

"It is a very good program in that it helps you to gain entry into the industry. You are basically given the expectations and sent on your way which is good. The skills are not so much what you can do. You are drilled on the four pillars so you can get a job and keep it. As you stay in the job your skill development."

Verdayne S Steel Studs & Drywall

"Overall, I would recommend this program to anyone wanting to get a trade; especially if you don't know where to start or how to go about it. This course will provide oneself with the basic fundamental trades & skills that one needs to start their career, build their confidence, learn the hard skills and gain the ability to grasp the concepts. I would definitely recommend RTSC to anyone who wants a trade."

Christopher L Painting

I just wanted to reach out & send a huge thank you to all. Since being in the childcare class back in 2021, I have completed my level TWO, And actively taking my level 3 classes to complete my diploma, I am still at the centre I did my work placement at and was promoted to supervisor last week. So, thanks again RTSC!

Alanna Child Care Educator