Employer Testimonials

Proud of the success we have had

"Humboldt Electric has partnered with the Regina Trades & Skills Centre through numerous different internship programs and we are always proud of the success we have had! Humboldt Electric strongly believes in sponsoring internship programs in order to invest in the future of our industry. "

Ashley McConnell, Humboldt Electric Ltd.

Never understood what you offered

I stopped by in need of help and never understood what you offered. A staff member told me I had the right place. I got a student from there a short time later and what a joy to watch him perform and grow at work. Really working with a young person that wants to learn and work has helped me at work personally and has given my company another purpose in society other than the product itself. Helping a young man into the work force is a privilege and a big responsibility. My employee is a class act and that would never have happened for me if not for the 12 to Trades Program and the Regina Trades & Skills Centre. Thanks a lot for your foresight and hard work running this program which must be so completely rewarding. . "

Kent Cope, KV Concrete Ltd.

We would consider another partnership

"The student came to us ready and prepared to work which is a great testament to the program as well as himself. This was our first experience with the 12 to Trades Program and the Regina Trades & Skills Centre and it was very positive. We would consider a partnership again in the future.. "

Nathan Klyne, K&D Truck Parts

Look forward to using RTSC again

"This is the first time I have used Regina Trades & Skills. I was pleasantly surprised with the individual I hired. He is a good employee and fit in very well with the organization. I look forward to using the RTSC again. A good experience."

Steve Miller, Degelman Industries Ltd.

A Good Fit

"I think the 12 to Trades Program is a good fit for us as we are working with High School Graduates that are ready to start their careers. "

Al Hubbs, Vale Industries Ltd.

Quality of Workers

"We are very satisfied with the quality of workers you are putting forth and the ease of communication with your staff. "

Rob Marshall, Pow City Mechanical

Opportunities are life-changing

"I would like to say what a great job Neall is doing with his students. Every time I visit one of his classes there seems to be such a positive feeling. We have offered employment to 2 students from the Basic Scaffolding class and see the students congratulating each other not only for completing the course but finding jobs. It's nice to see that you’re not just training, you're supporting these individuals and helping them find jobs. This is why ICON is proud to support the pre-employment course that is offered by Prairie Arctic Trades Training Centre in partnership with the Regina Trades and Skills Centre!! Keep up the great work. Your opportunities are life-changing for these individuals. "

Charlie Downs, Icon Scaffolding

Great way to meet young, eager individuals

"Overall, the program was beneficial for our company. We have recently hired another young man who participated in the Regina Trades & Skills Program. It is great to meet young, eager individuals that are interested in the power line industry. "

Nicole Sauer, Hundseth Power Line Construction

A solid education and the right attitude make the difference

"Shannon started at the top of the class and has quickly developed into a detailed painter, getting better every day, I noticed that during their training exercise at the RTSC they focused on the little details and that makes a big difference, I think they allow people into the program based more on their attitude than their aptitude."

Jason Duke, Certapro owner