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RTSC is a great option to get the training and education you need to get employed in a career you desire. We train with employment being our top priority. All entry level training, certifications and support is provided to help you succeed. There are three main benefits of training with the RTSC, they are:

1. Get Connected to an Employer
All students get an opportunity to earn an opportunity to work with an employer looking to hire them.
2. No Tuition
There is no cost to train with us.
3. Paid Wages
Students are paid minimum wage for the hours they are in class

Why Train With Us

What is Expected of You

RTSC holds their students to a high level of accountability. Students are evaluated and granted a work placement based on the following 4 pillars:

1. Attendance/Punctuality
2. Attitude/Behaviour
3. Work Ethic
4. Skill Development

In addition to the pillars, students are required to comply to:

• All Occupational Health & Safety Requirements
• Compliance to RTSC Fit for Duty Policy
• No cell phones during class times
• Use a punch clock for attendance purposes

Selection Criteria
  • Applicant must be minimum age as required by employment law

  • Have excellent prior work history and/or commitment to train in a specific area

  • Comply with all specified course requirements as indicated (examples include but are not limited to drivers license, education requirements, etc.)

12 To Trades

Regina Trades & Skills Centre offers a 12 to Trades 6 week employment program. The program is designed for recent high school graduates that are looking for a start towards a career in the trades. The choice is yours regarding which trade you want to get into.

We prepare you with all safety certifications required for entry level employment in that industry. Appropriate workplace behaviours are discussed and then we place you with a mentor company in that specific area.

The program will provide learners with the basic fundamental knowledge and practical skills needed to build a career in the trades. In partnership with Saskatchewan Apprenticeship Commission you earn apprenticeship hours. With the completion of your SYA Passport, you earn 300 additional hours and your indenture fee and level 1 tuition becomes waived.

Registration is now closed. 12 to Trades will open on the registration section of this website in February 2024. Applicants must be 21 years of age or under and complete a Grade 12 or equivalent between July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024.

Adult Training

Helping you “Get Your Boot in the Door” is what RTSC focuses on. Our short term training gives you the safety training, skills training and tool and material knowledge to get you an entry-level employment opportunity in the field you choose. All courses are industry specific and the training is all relevant to that industry.

The training is done in the shop, classroom and on a job site. You spend a minimum 70% of your training doing hands on practical learning. Some projects are completed in the community by applying your training on an actual job site. You learn under a Red Seal instructor (or equivalent experience) and earn apprenticeship hours.

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